ActiveStor Ultra Edge

The VDURA® PanFS® data engine eliminates the historical trade-off between high-performance storage performance and ease of use for AI/ML training, research, and simulation workflows in life sciences, energy, computer-aided engineering, media & entertainment, and government.

PanFS software on the ActiveStor storage systems leverages 20 years of experience in the most demanding data performance environments to deliver a powerful combination of high performance, management simplicity, workload-and-configuration flexibility, and rock-solid reliability, at the TCO.

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ActiveStor® Ultra with PanFS® Dynamic Data Acceleration maximizes the efficiency of all storage media in a seamless, total performance system that automatically adapts to changing file sizes and workloads. PanFS software on ActiveStor Ultra lets you unleash innovative, complex high-performance, and AI/ML applications, so you can gain essential insights faster than ever.


ActiveStor® Ultra XL is a massive-capacity storage solution delivering performance for large file environments and cooler datasets with industry-leading density up to 5.7PB of data in a single rack – and designed for cost-sensitive environments.

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ActiveStor® Ultra Edge is a high-performance hybrid storage solution designed for compact primary and remote data centers. Powered by PanFS®, ASU-100E delivers industry-leading performance for converging HPC and AI/ML workloads in a small footprint and at a low-cost entry point.


ActiveStor® Flash is an all-flash storage solution with a carefully balanced architecture to ensure the leading performance density of NVMe SSDs that enable outstanding small- and random-file storage performance. Designed for AI/ML projects and scratch space environments with high rack density.


The ActiveStor® Director manages system activity and provides clustered metadata services to drive higher overall system performance. It orchestrates file system activity from outside the data path, allowing reads/writes to occur in parallel directly between compute clients and VDURA storage blades, speeding up data transfers while facilitating scalability.


ActiveStor® InfiniBand Router provides seamless connectivity between InfiniBand-based computer clusters and Ethernet-based ActiveStor storage solutions.